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It doesn't matter if it's a cheap foreign knockoff or a major Hollywood production.

It doesn't matter whether the writers are choosing to do this or the producers are. If they think they can make money by basing their creation on a successful work, or at least something else in its genre, they will do so.

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Thanks to Sturgeon's Law , this has the typical effect of flooding the market with a lot of inferior works. But not always ; sometimes they improve on the original, or find new approaches to it.

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Of course, the trailblazing work may itself not be original ; in this day and age, little is. But it just manages to capture the public's interest and their money , and it is this magical moment that studios strive to duplicate, after the fact. It isn't unusual for the press releases or documents for these imitations to mention the comparison.

May result in the resurrection of a previously successful franchise in the same genre; X-Men and Spider-Man , for instance, led to Batman Begins and Superman Returns.

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These may or may not become Lost in Imitation. If the imitators have enough of the spark to become successful and spawn imitators of their own, a whole new genre may be created , as imitators and follow-ups evolve and begin to codify a style. Note that this phenomenon is not limited to recorded visual entertainment. The music industry in particular is just as prone to "trend-hopping," as are video games and, really, any entertainment medium.

Also note that while the text of this article deals primarily with American institutions , the concepts herein apply equally in all parts of the world. It's also interesting to note that Follow the Leader may result in its own particular form of Narm. Just try dressing your characters up in black leather longcoats and using Bullet Time in your action sequences nowadays without becoming Matrix knockoff Snark Bait.

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Another potential problem is Misaimed Fandom. Instead of looking at the core reasons why the original may have been so popular and basing their follow-up on that, such as three-dimensional characters, a unique plot and genuinely witty or moving writing and acting, the creators following the leader only tend to focus on the superficial stuff on the surface — it's got pirates in it; pirates must be popular, so let's all make nothing but pirate movies!

This approach also tends to lead to market saturation and, eventually Fan Disillusionment ; after all, no matter how much you like pirate movies, if the only thing anyone makes is pirate movies, you're going to get sick of pirates and want to see stories about something else.

This is also the reason why Cyclic Tropes are cyclic: someone does it one way, everyone imitates it; after a while, someone wants to do it differently, and everyone imitates that. Of course, once that's mainstream, someone will want to do it differently, and back it goes the other way So why bother following the leader at all? Well, since the original being copied probably had something that made it successful, it's rare for the duplicates to fail completely.

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Twenty years — quite literally a lifetime to younger readers who have grown up with the band. Korn were — and still are — one of a kind: ever evolving, always leading where others follow. It began in , with their phenomenal self-titled debut album, a bolt out of the blue that was, to all intents and purposes, the birth of what became known as nu metal.

An album so darkly brilliant that, even for Korn, it was difficult to supersede.

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  • But still, the eyes of the music world were upon Korn. The big question was, what were they going to do next? Would they sink or swim? I think that was the turning point. Peachy album we were starting to hear bands that sounded like us, so we took a left turn.

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    They were experimenting with the latest technology and working, for the first time, with producer Steve Thompson. Given that Ross Robinson had produced the first two albums and was known to be an integral part in creating their sound, it was a bold move to say the least. Ross had really trained us well with melodies and doing weird sounds with the guitar, so we took it another step.

    The band wrote all the music together and a couple of producers worked on the record. There were a couple of tweaks, but the structures were all in place for almost the entire record. But Steve was there when we were doing three or four big songs on the album, and he was a big part of that. And we were fucking around a lot, too. It was chaos! By all accounts, chaos is something of an understatement. Sessions would go from three in the afternoon until three at night, sometimes with nothing getting done. Thousands and thousands of dollars!