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This upcoming Travel Channel star prides herself on giving her audience actual evidence that she is talking to their dead relatives.

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No cold reading, no hot reading, no vague generalities. Just direct contact with the spirits. Can Cindy convince Ross and Carrie that she is, in fact, in communication with the great beyond?

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Earlier this year, Ross and Carrie got their naturopath diplomas online. Now, they connect with former practicing naturopath Britt Hermes about her realization that everything she'd been taught in naturopathy school was With blunt honesty, Britt shares her journey from believer to critic, and the slings and arrows she's endured since she walked away.

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It's story time, again. Pull up a chair in the nearest potato patch, as Ross and Carrie share passages from some of their favorite female writers from the world of spirituality. Plus, Carrie is uncannily bad at voices! Ross extols the benefits of intellectually consistent cherry picking and details some of the helpful lessons he's learned from the world of belief, including Scientology, Mormonism, Laughter Yoga and Eckankar.

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We're switching gears a little bit this episode, and reviewing some of the many things we've tried for our biggest bodily complaints: eczema for Ross, and migraines for Carrie. We look back at the various treatments suggested by listeners, spiritualists, alternative medicine practitioners, and our doctors, and see what worked, what didn't work, and what made things worse.

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This in turn results in greater separation and dislocation from an existing community that is waiting to be activated. A community must be linked not only virtually but also physically. Short movies previously shared online, are projected for the public to enjoy, offering similar media to that sought out on their phones.

The individual experience is exchanged for the communal and social, leading to a shared, fun and architecturally framed experience. Movies are collected from internet recommendations that have been shared by the public through social media.

The public curate this virtual collection of media continuously and the cinema captures current trends and highlights within this realm. Join our Youth Leadership Council to promote and educate about the foster care system and work for positive change. Contact us for more information about O.

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Additional Resources. Support for youth transitioning from foster care to independence. Transition Planning Individual transition planning services are provided for youth that will age out of care.