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But if because your daughter is going to be indoctrinated by the Disney princess marketing machine, Belle is the place to start. The Little Mermaid Finding Nemo The undersea world is a dizzyingly glorious, vast universe of its own, filled with creatures of every shape and color. Bonus: Your child will learn how to speak whale. The Red Balloon Pixar is all over this list, so instead of Up , look back to this delectable near-silent French short film, which clearly inspired the image of a man being carried away by a rainbow bouquet of balloons.

The final airborne sequence alone will send imaginations soaring. Annie Critics were never big fans of this big-screen adaptation of the hit Broadway play, but generations of kids have overruled that initial verdict.

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The Kid The growing boy Coogan helps the Tramp with his window-repair business by smashing the windows in town, until events ultimately threaten their scheme and relationship. And, as all parents know, silence is golden. Look no further than the geniuses at Pixar, who managed to create a simple, elegant tale of love and hope within a bleak dystopia with their earnest, Hello, Dolly -loving trash-collecting robot. The movie is a fable of wastefulness and endurance with an extraordinarily poignant truth at its heart.

The Sound of Music Forget Carrie Underwood. Get your kids in front of this classic, stat! Made in the heyday of the Hollywood musical, this sweet, heartwarming tale of the singing von Trapp family and their escape from the Nazis in WWII-era Austria has endured the test of time. It might not have much of edge—despite the whole Nazi business—but a childhood with a Sound of Music blind spot is worse than a dog bite, worse than a bee sting, worse than feeling sad.

The Wizard of Oz Miracle on 34th Street The Iron Giant At a time when animation was synonymous with Disney, and Pixar was revolutionizing the look of the genre, Warner Bros.

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Directed by Brad Bird, who later made The Incredibles and Ratatouille , Giant tells the story a lonely boy searching for a father figure and the gentle metal giant targeted by the U. Think of the Spielberg Face , and the swelling Williams scores that will take them over the moon again and again. Sprinkled with references to The Wizard of Oz , E. Elf How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup is no warrior. But when Hiccup befriends an injured dragon, Toothless, instead of killing it, he changes the lives of everyone he knows forever.

Not that keeping a dragon as a pet is without its dangers. This is a kids movie with one prosthetic foot planted firmly in the adult world.

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The first Star Wars presents the young moviegoer with one of the most lavishly realized fictional universes in movie history: Elaborate spaceships, attention-grabbing creatures, and most of all, sharply-drawn characters. And the inquisitive youngster might skip right along to The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi , in the process developing an understanding for the kind of long-form story arcs that define basically every popular art form today.

Warning: Showing them Star Wars probably means suffering through the fact that your kids will like the prequels more than you. You could introduce Potter before Star Wars , but why not delay just a tad so that the entire family can race through J. For more than a decade, the Potter phenomenon captivated readers and movie audiences worldwide, and made us believe, and emotionally invest in, this wondrous world filled with wizards, Dementors, and goblins. Harry was an orphan who never knew he was special, yet every kid will revel in his adventure.

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Big Adventure is also an ideal set of training wheels for kids who are ready for a slightly more mature approach, as director Tim Burton slips in a tiny bit of Goth nightmare fuel that will appeal to the more adventurous. Bina Punjani Hair Studio Miramar is a young artist who has trained in hair and makeup at some of the most sought after schools internationally. The understated yet glamorous approach she has towards beauty has made her indispensable to the designers magazine editors and a hot favorite with the brides-to-be Through.

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No matter what your age, hair or skin type, Lucas Salon create the ideal environment for you to reinvent or rediscover your image and personality. Kinjal is a Bangalore based Makeup Artist who follow passion with perfection. Kinjal work for brides, grooms, models, actresses, actors, movies and magazines. Being an experienced makeup artist Vinyasa Hippla also understand how important it is to have a good skin before starting makeup.

I WENT TO THE WORST REVIEWED MAKEUP ARTIST IN DUBAI ! رحت لأسوأ ميكب ارتست في مدينتي!

So Vinyasa Hippla based out of Bangalore also educate people on skin through one on one consultation. Vinyasa Hippla passion is in helping women and men of all ages to look gorgeous and feel confident, by creating the perfect hairstyle and makeup look for their special event. Sohni Juneja — Makeup Artist is one of the top makeup artists. She is a renowned fashion expert and freelance makeup artist. She has been doing modern, classical and trendy makeovers for fashion shows, magazines shoots, portfolio and editorial shoots.

Sohni Juneja — Makeup Artist is reputed freelance makeup artist and has vast experience in wedding makeovers, bridal beauty makeup, party and events makeup.

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Sushma Mathur is one of finest and renowned make-up artists. In a career spanning several years, Sushma has done much acclaimed and admired work.

She specializes in Bridal, Fashion and Media make-up. Subtlety and understatement are the premises of her approach to make-up. She endorses the view of Calvin Klein that it is best to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural. She strives to achieve this each time to make you look like yourself, beautiful. With an eye for perfection and attention to detail, she draws upon her wide repertoire of make-up styles to accentuate the beauty within you. Inspirit Makeovers uses unique techniques to explore the process of developing unique makeover for each bride accessing your individual style and designing a hairstyle that makes you feel elegant sophisticated and comfortable for the whole day.

Senorita Spa Saloon located in Manikonda is a full-service salon offering wide range of services in hair, skin, beauty and makeover. Senorita Spa Saloon professionally trained team provide utmost customer satisfaction with high standard of services. Her skills soon reached the ears of ace Kannada Director Indrajit lankesh, who handpicked her for his block buster movie Luv u Alia. Rachana was the makeup artist for both the male and female lead. Rachana also has a few celebrity weddings in her kitty, including that of Ahalya, daughter of Rajni Pandit, former owner of Gladrags Magazine.

Today Rachana divides her time between Bangalore, Mumbai and all southern states juggling assignments ranging from photo shoots, bridal makeup to conducting makeup workshops. Sahanaa Moorthy makeup artist is a passionate and young Makeup artist in Coimbatore. Sahanaa Moorthy engage in all type of makeup and hair styling assignments such as Bridal, Photoshoot, Commercials, etc. Geeta Pawa Make-Up Artist making the to be bride a very special day of her life. She takes utmost care in giving you a look that is remembered forever.

Geeta Pawa Make-Up Artist without neglecting the most significant part of your wedding, the photography which is going to be your lifetime memory, promise you the best composition to go along with your beautiful dress as will look completely well as jewellery. You can be sure to come out completely satisfied and looking your best on your visit to Geeta Pawa Make-Up Artist, Your makeup flawless. Shweta Gaur is one of the top makeup artists in Delhi. Shweta Gaur is reputed freelance makeup artist and has vast experience in wedding makeovers, bridal beauty makeup, party and events makeup. Her out of box thinking and amazing fashion sense make her makeovers a class apart by adding beauty and elegance to it.

Blush On located in Jubilee Hills believes that a bride looks her best when she is herself. Blush On provides a trial bridal makeup for you beforehand to understand, evaluate and decide on how you want to look and feel on the day of your wedding. Do you have your wedding date ready and still thinking of booking a makeup artist.

Do you have a close ones marriage, and you really dont have time to run to a parlour, and you still want to look the prettiest in the show.

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Presenting the answer to all your questions, Glamlicious, Kolkata would provide you all the solutions. Just give them a call and have all the answers! Banquet Hall is located at first floor of Bika Banquets. It can occupy maximum people. It is suitable for occasions like anniversary, birthday etc. Bika Banquets is adorned with gorgeous chandeliers and furnished with contemporary lightings. That creates the perfect ambience, visual appeal and adds a sparkling touch to any event held there. The spacious halls are perfect for pre-wedding functions as well as grand wedding receptions.

Bika Banquets which gives it a natural yet classy feel. Annapurna Bhavan total of sq. It is one of its kind to cater the Best possible services to clients to entertain their guests. Make their event a memorable one. From past 9 years Annapurna Bhavan are one of the most renowned ceremonial Hall in North Kolkata and will surely Continue for the years to come.

No matter what kind of meeting you are planning, be it a wedding or a press meet, it have all the added touches to make the event stylish and unique. Based on your requirement, Annapurna Bhavan customize Annapurna Bhavan facilities to meet your individual needs and put together the most memorable event. Sudha Banquet Hall offers sqft. Spacious lawn with its sqft AC banquet hall with attached open lawn it can accommodate up to persons, combining timeless tradition with a modern touch.