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Most likely! Moreso than its plodding predecessor Prince Caspian , Dawn Treader revives the nonstop fantasy action of the first movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Every moment oozes with magic, and the film's 3-D enhancements are artfully done. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was the third novel to be published in C. Lewis' fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia though, plot-chronologically, it would really be the fifth tale. Are you kidding?

The Physics Nobel Goes to the Big Bang and Exoplanets

Tolkien, filled with magic and monsters and simple fun. Traveling to Narnia is the ultimate escapist fantasy — and you never know what will take you there! Liam Neeson, of course, returns as Aslan.


But the real show-stealer this time around is Will Poulter as the Pevensies' grating cousin, Eustace Scrubb. Look for him to return to Narnia in with The Silver Chair. Dawn Treader offers standard fantasy-action violence with a dash of slavery early on and some frightful moments throughout.

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At minutes, little ones very well may need to visit the poop deck. Sewer lines! Sewage treatment plants did not come about till later.

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Students could be given pictures of the pathogens that cause the diseases and asked to investigate the symptoms, causes and cures, in addition to prevention. The students could also be given a picture of the body showing different organs and asked to match the pathogens to the organs they infect. And finally, they could sort the pathogens according to which taxonomic kingdom each belongs to. To emphasize the environmental aspects of waterborne disease, you might show students the form below, which shows a data table for a number of tests that, taken together, comprise a water quality index.

Note that one of the tests checks for the presence of coliform bacteria, a family of bacteria always found in sewage.

People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco - SFGate

Fucking Eleanore. I have a bunch of cooking to do, lots to clean up, 3 loads of clean laundry sitting on the couch to fold, coffee in hand, about to get my day going My little sunshine man brings me his softball sized turd he fished out of the diaper pail, holding his little hand out towards my face and looking up at me innocently, saying: "Eeewwwwwwwww.

Ewwwww is right. Role Models. Wednesday, August 1, Oceans and Pools. You'd think with a fully potty trained 3 year old, things couldn't get too bad around our house. I was wrong. Ohhh LAWD! We've crossed over the threshold, made it to the finish line, and now have entered new teritory that I am super unfamiliar with.

Let's face it: kids are gross. I think many of us parents have sat, awestruck and dumbfounded, as events have unraveled right in front of our very eyes. I know I have. I've sat there, in my chair, questioning reality, and thought: Is this really happening to me right now? Example: Every year for the last 15 years, I have gone to the same beach to camp with my family.

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The stairs at South Carlsbad can be brutal. There's about of them to get to the beach I think it's flights, maybe more.

If you forget something in your campsite, you are cursing every step going back up to the campgrounds. If you have to poop This year was especially hard for me because Tim had to work almost the entire time we were there. Try toting a 10 month old brick baby on your hip going up and down those bad-boy stairs. Work Out! Add in a whiney 3 year old and a pre-teen 10 year old and whew!

You would just LOVE walking a day in my shoes! In fact, I made them go, even if they didn't have to. That eventually leads to a tantrum of NOT wanting to go I pink-fuzzy-heart those moments. W down for a nap Ellie has to pee. I do not want to go up the stairs for just pee. So I tell her, "Ellie, just go in the ocean, it will be ok. So I take her hand and lead her out to the water and say, "It will be fine, I'll go with you. And Im trying to correct her and just tell her to stand up, but noooo, she wants to sit like she's on a toilet, so she LOOKS like she is definitely peeing in the ocean.

Luckily, my family is the first one down to the beach so its just us, and they don't care or judge me as a lazy mother. We're sitting poolside and Ellie comes up to me I know! Runs, jumps into the spa next to this old man relaxing, squats, and pees. Dude is looking at me like I am a freak of nature baby killer and all I can do red faced and cursing my stupidness for not explaining to Ellie that we do NOT pee in the pool is smile. Can you say Mortified?

Tuesday, February 21, First Place.


Graduation, promotion, next level Not only has Ellie entered the "why? She is still super adorable, playing dress up, trying to play the piano, playing hide and seek with Wyatt yeah, that can't happen quite yet, but she thinks she's doing just that As a baby, she didn't know what she was doing you know? Let me just give you an example of late: The scene is set in my slightly new Pathfinder. Only 6 months old I believe.

Not a , but "new" to me. It's an 05 I think. I keep that thing as clean as I can. Washed once every 2 weeks, vacuumed and detailed I'm spacing out, singing along to some Dire Straights classics, Ellie and I have this following conversation: Ellie: Mommy! Smell my hand!! Me: Huh??

Suburban Chronicles: The straight poop on dog ownership

Told you, I was spaced out Meanwhile, she's still holding her hand out I have the air conditioning on a little bit, and before you know, this smell come wafting up to the front seat. This smell I can only describe it as sweaty, 3 year old, not very well wiped, butt-crack Little girls don't do that. Put your hands in your lap and DONT.

I tell her, "Ellie, you don't have a wiener. Tell me she doesn't deserve 1st place?! Thursday, January 5, Poopscapades 3. Woke up to new noises today. Wyatt was in his crib babbling, using his tongue on the roof of his mouth and curling it into a little taco. He was so cute. Sort of. Did I mention it was am?? Did I also mention that he wouldn't go back to sleep until I did a song and dance in the living room, drink 2 cups of coffee, then sacked out in my arms.

He's such a cuddle bug. Irony: I get back in bed at am Tim's alarm goes off at am, and he says, "Are you getting up with me? Normally, my laughing on the computer looks like this: Bwhahahahahahah!!! So you can imagine what Ha. It sounds like this: Yeah Right, Fuck No So after I get back to sleep around am, because let's face it, I've had to get up and draw the curtains a little bit more, because that sun is just peeking in RIGHT into my face.